What Happens When You vmc push an Application to Cloud Foundry

by April 18, 2011

This post covers the Cloud Foundry vmc CLI interface and how it interacts with Cloud Foundry.  There will be another post covering what Cloud Foundry does on the back-end when clients (such as vmc or STS) connect to it coming soon.

Targeting Cloud Foundry
Step 1 : vmc target api.cloudfoundry.com
When you first install vmc and are ready to start controlling Cloud Foundry, you will need to first select it as a target.  Why do you need to select api.cloudfoundry.com ? Because vmc is capable of connecting to any Cloud Foundry instance whether it be at cloudfoundry.com or elsewhere.  Selecting a target also allows you to use the same CLI to interface with multiple Cloud Foundry Clouds in the same way.
Step 2 : vmc returns “Successfully targeted to [http://api.cloudfoundry.