Hyperic Brings Application Monitoring to Cloud Foundry

by June 29, 2011

Today the vFabric Hyperic team just announced plug-in support for CloudFoundry. Hyperic is an application monitoring solution for web applications.
What does this mean?
Anyone who has deployed Hyperic and wants to leverage its monitoring capabilities to work with Cloud Foundry just needs to activate the plug-in and configure it to point to a Cloud Foundry instance to begin monitoring. The things that Hyperic can monitor inside of Cloud Foundry is pretty detailed, you can find the entire list here.
If you use Cloud Foundry and are a vFabric customer, this is something worth checking out.  Here is a screencast/demo of what the plug-in can do.

Cloud Foundry: Now Supporting Scala

by June 2, 2011

Cloud Foundry, the open platform as a service, supports multiple frameworks, multiple application services and multiple clouds.
Cloud Foundry already supports multiple frameworks including Spring (Java), Grails (Groovy), Rails and Sinatra (Ruby) and Node.js with others on the way from the community. For each supported framework we provide an appropriate runtime (such as Java) and application server (such as Tomcat). Furthermore, we utilize each framework’s expected application structure to offer features such as auto-reconfiguration so you may deploy applications to CloudFoundry.com or to a local instance of Cloud Foundry with minimal changes.
Scala is a statically typed, JVM-based language that combines object-oriented and functional programming in a consistent manner.