Cloud Foundry Adds PHP and Python Through Community

by August 25, 2011

Cloud Foundry, the industry’s first open platform as a service, has been built from the first line of code to support multiple languages, multiple frameworks, multiple services, and multiple clouds. Today we are announcing two items. First, we are announcing partnerships to provide additional framework abilities to the open source project (multi-framework) and second, we are announcing that these partners will build their own products and services using the Cloud Foundry open source project.
 The Cloud Foundry Community Leads program will bring additional framework support to Cloud Foundry.

“We Shrunk the Cloud” – Introducing Micro Cloud Foundry for Developers

by August 24, 2011

We are happy to announce the beta availability of Micro Cloud Foundry™ as a free download at
What is in Micro Cloud Foundry?
Micro Cloud Foundry is a complete version of Cloud Foundry that runs in a virtual machine on a developer’s Mac or PC.  It is a full instance of Cloud Foundry that provides the flexibility of local development while preserving your options for future deployment and scaling of your applications.
Micro Cloud Foundry supports Java on Spring, Ruby on Rails/Sinatra and Node.JS frameworks as well as MySQL, MongoDB and Redis application services.  It supports both Cloud Foundry’s scriptable command line interface (vmc) and integration with the Eclipse-based SpringSource Tool Suite (STS).

VMC Everywhere

by August 17, 2011

When we launched Cloud Foundry, we wanted to change the rules of PaaS portability in the cloud . Until then using a PaaS meant being bound tightly to a single provider, often running only a single instance, tied directly the the availability and performance of a single cloud. One of the core tenants of the Cloud Foundry Open PaaS project is ‘multi-cloud’ the ability to run the system on the cloud or infrastructure of your choice, without affecting the developer experience or VMC client interface.
Today we are announcing collaborations with key industry partners, dramatically expanding the integrated tooling for running Cloud Foundry almost anywhere, and delivering on our portability vision.

RabbitMQ + Cloud Foundry: Cloud Messaging that Just Works

by August 9, 2011

Cloud Foundry™ is the industry’s first open platform as a service. Providing a choice of developer frameworks, application services and deployment clouds, Cloud Foundry simplifies application development and makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale applications. Cloud Foundry already supports multiple application services including MySQL, MongoDB and Redis. And we are working to add more. 
Today, we are pleased to announce an important milestone: the RabbitMQ messaging service, available today as a free public beta. You can get started right away: on, you will find sample applications and guides. If you create a cool application, please let us know and we’ll link to it. And if you get stuck, tell us what we need to get right.

VMware Cloud Application Platform at VMworld 2011 – US

by August 9, 2011

VMworld attendees, come learn about the best platform for running application on vSphere infrastructure.  We have over 20 sessions, labs and panels where you can learn about PaaS, BigData/NoSQL, Cloud Databases, High Performance Computing, Application Management, Cloud Messaging and much more.
Free copy of Micro Cloud Foundry for the first 200 attendees that register for the Cloud Application Platform sessions – register to the sessions now to get yours!
(Make sure to signup for a account if you don’t have one yet)
Learn from experts, including Cloud Foundry CTO Derek Collison, GemFire/SQLFire Architect Jags Ramnarayan, Elastic Memory for Java lead developer Ben Corrie, and many more.  Below is the list of sessions, labs and group discussions.