“We Shrunk the Cloud” – Introducing Micro Cloud Foundry for Developers

by August 24, 2011

We are happy to announce the beta availability of Micro Cloud Foundry™ as a free download at http://micro.cloudfoundry.com
What is in Micro Cloud Foundry?
Micro Cloud Foundry is a complete version of Cloud Foundry that runs in a virtual machine on a developer’s Mac or PC.  It is a full instance of Cloud Foundry that provides the flexibility of local development while preserving your options for future deployment and scaling of your applications.
Micro Cloud Foundry supports Java on Spring, Ruby on Rails/Sinatra and Node.JS frameworks as well as MySQL, MongoDB and Redis application services.  It supports both Cloud Foundry’s scriptable command line interface (vmc) and integration with the Eclipse-based SpringSource Tool Suite (STS).