Using Chef to Customize Multi-Node Cloud Foundry Deployments

by September 29, 2011

A key aspect of Cloud Foundry open PaaS is the ability to run everywhere using open-source tools that developers and operations can review and modify to suit their needs.  Today we are releasing a simplified scheme for provisioning Cloud Foundry multi-node environments.  By combing the ease-of-use of Chef recipes and the open architecture of Cloud Foundry, developers,  admins and “DevOps” are now able to easily and consistently provision a customized multi-node Cloud Foundry environment that will suit their particular requirements.

Chef is a well-known open-source configuration manager that is used to install and configure software packages in a repeatable way.

Rapid Cloud Foundry Deployments with Maven

by September 22, 2011

Apache Maven is a very popular choice in the Java community for building and deploying applications. 
Today, we announce the release of the Cloud Foundry Maven Plugin.
Developers can now easily integrate cloud deployments into their Maven projects’ lifecycle,  manage application pushes and updates to any Cloud Foundry instance.
Further, this plugin provides an easier way to deploy applications from continuous integration servers such as Hudson and Jenkins.
Cloud Foundry Maven Plugin highlights:
•   Deploy (Push) Maven based projects to Cloud Foundry
•   Undeploy Maven based projects from Cloud Foundry
•   Redeploy (Update) Maven based Cloud Foundry projects
More details are available in the Spring Source Blog.

Working Offline with Micro Cloud Foundry

by September 8, 2011

While the Micro Cloud Foundry documentation states that you can use its built-in dynamic DNS capabilities to connect to their Cloud Foundry instances from any online environment, it’s possible to use Micro Cloud Foundry in offline mode if you need to work without an internet connection in just a few steps.
First you need to configure the Micro Cloud Foundry VM to use NAT instead of the default bridged mode.
In the Micro Cloud Foundry console, select option 4 and enter ‘’ when it asks you for the token, which will configure it to use the domain that resolves to

It will take a a couple of minutes for the controller to reconfigure the Micro Cloud Foundry VM to use the domain.