Deploy to Any Cloud Foundry Target with eXo Cloud IDE

by November 28, 2011

The free eXo Cloud IDE now supports Cloud Foundry deployments including, Micro Cloud Foundry, and any other VMC compatible instance. It is now faster and easier for developers to deploy applications to any Cloud Foundry deployment target—all directly within the eXo IDE. eXo is a hosted development environment where teams can collaboratively build HTML5/JavaScript apps or Java, PHP, and Ruby web apps.
How Does It Work?
First let’s look at a sample Spring project. A very simple Hello World app which can be found on the Cloud Foundry GitHub repository is an easy sample app to start with (–samples/spring–hello–env). To begin, create a new folder and clone the GitHub project (Git > Clone Repository…).

Now You Can Tunnel into Any Cloud Foundry Data Service

by November 17, 2011

Cloud Foundry now enables developers to open a tunnel to any Cloud Foundry data service via a local port. Now you can use familiar client applications to directly analyze, manipulate, or port the data contained in the data services that are bound to your Cloud Foundry applications. This solution is ideal for importing and exporting data when moving application between different clouds running Cloud Foundry (e.g. and Micro Cloud Foundry), for debugging during development, as well as ad-hoc queries and modification to data in a deployed application.
This new feature is made available with a preview release of Cloud Foundry command line tool (‘VMC’).

Cloud Foundry Welcomes Joyent as Community Lead for Node.js

by November 8, 2011

Cloud Foundry has supported Node.js from day one.  Today we are delighted to announce Joyent will become the Cloud Foundry Community Lead for Node.js.  Community Leads bring deep experience and passion for specific technologies to Cloud Foundry.  Joyent will contribute and maintain Node.js support for Cloud Foundry, providing ongoing updates, direction and community engagement. As the open source project owner and home to Node’s core team, Joyent has invested heavily in making Node the leading runtime for data-intensive real-time mobile and web applications for the individual developer and the enterprise.