Java Reporting Engine is Now Available on Cloud Foundry via JasperReports

by January 12, 2012

The popular Java reporting engine from JasperSoft is now available as a Cloud Foundry package. With two simple commands developers can make JasperReports Server available on Cloud Foundry and build powerful reports querying  Cloud Foundry data services.  Deploying  JasperReport server using the Cloud Foundry command line tool (‘VMC’) is as simple as ‘vmc push’ and  ‘vmc bind-service’.
Cloud Foundry is a strategic platform for many users . As more applications get deployed to Cloud Foundry open PaaS, more developers will find the need to perform reporting and analysis (Business Intelligence) on the data that they are gathering. You could write your own reporting features… but that’s a lot of work, and it’s generally not your core strength.