node.js and Cloud Foundry

by January 24, 2012

Cloud Foundry is a sponsor and participant in this week’s Node Summit in San Francisco, so it is a good time to recap some of our work with node.js.
We’re finalizing node.js 0.6.7 support, which will be committed to the Cloud Foundry GitHub repository.  Cloud will begin to support node.js 0.6.7 as a runtime framework in the next week or two.  Because of the rapid pace of innovation around node, we are adding node.js 0.6.7 as an additional runtime, letting you select which version of node you want to run with your application.  This lets Cloud Foundry support multiple node.js versions simultaneously, which is important as it allows applications written against the node.js 0.4.12 version to co-exist with applications developed on node.js 0.6.7.