Cloud Foundry Open Tour 2012

by February 24, 2012

Cloud Foundry Open Tour 2012 is a global series of one day developer events designed to help the thriving cloud community to meet and exchange ideas with the technologists behind the industry’s leading open platform as a service. Whether you are building enterprise Java applications, Ruby-based social media sites or mobile back-end systems using Node.js, these special one day events are the fastest way to learn about developing in the cloud. Register now for the city nearest you.

Beijing, Shanghai & Tokyo
The Cloud Foundry Open Tour begins with special events in Beijing (March 28), Shanghai (March 30) and Tokyo (April 2).

Micro Cloud Foundry Streamlines Offline Support and Adds Java Debugging

by February 21, 2012

The Cloud Foundry team released a new version of Micro Cloud FoundryTM including streamlined offline support, Java debugging, up-to-date versions of all languages/frameworks and services as supported on and ability to enable/disable application services.
Micro Cloud Foundry is a complete version of Cloud Foundry that runs in a virtual machine on a developer’s computer. Micro Cloud Foundry has established itself as the convenient and portable Cloud Foundry environment from which developers can easily develop and test their applications.
The new version we release today (version 1.2) , immediately available for download at www.cloudfoundry.

Cloud Foundry Now Supports the Rails Console

by February 8, 2012

Ruby and Rails developers can now remotely access the popular rails console using the Cloud Foundry command line tool (VMC). This new feature enables inspection of the Cloud Foundry Runtime App environment, troubleshooting application issues in runtime, and even the ability to modify data “on the fly” for one-off admin tasks.  Using the new vmc rails-console command, developers can target any Cloud Foundry instance, including the upcoming release of Micro Cloud Foundry.
Getting Started
First, install or update your Cloud Foundry command line tool (‘VMC’) to the latest preview version using the following command:
gem install vmc –pre
You can verify that you got the right version using:
vmc -v
which should show the version to be 0.3.16.beta.3 or higher.

ThemaTweets – Visualizing the French Elections Buzz on Cloud Foundry

by February 3, 2012

As the platform matures, we see many cool applications being built on top of Cloud Foundry. This is the first in a series of guest blog posts by application developers explaining what their application does, how it is architected, what they like in Cloud Foundry and what needs to be improved.
Guest blog post by Eric Bottard
ThemaTweets2012 allows you to visualize what people say about the french elections candidates on Twitter, how these candidates relate to key themes of this 2012 event and analyze information under several angles.

The Story
In late 2011, Google France launched a data visualization challenge about the upcoming 2012 presidential elections.