More than 2,000 Developers Attend Cloud Foundry China Open Tour

by April 16, 2012

The first two stops of Cloud Foundry Open Tour at Beijing and Shanghai were huge successes! We had about 1000+ developers show up at each city for this one day event. 10 speakers from across the world delivered 15 high quality and deeply technical sessions to attendees.
Open Tour is not only a developers’ grand gathering to learn about Cloud Foundry, it’s also for partner executives and university professors to share their success story on Cloud Foundry, and online media to live broadcast the event and interview speakers.
Developers in China are extremely passionate about Cloud Foundry: attendees showed up at the venue before 7AM (for a conference that starts at 9AM); people were lining up for registration at 7:30AM. This phenomenon has only happened before at the Apple Store.