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Continuous Integration to Cloud Using Jenkins in the Cloud

By February 28, 2013

Continuous integration using Jenkins is increasingly seen as an effective tool for reducing the cycle time from product backlog to receiving actual user feedback. This can result in real increases in developer and team productivity when combined with an Open PaaS such as Cloud Foundry. In this guest blog, Mark Prichard, Senior Director of Product … Continue reading “Continuous Integration to Cloud Using Jenkins in the Cloud”

Open Standards in Cloud Foundry Identity Services

By February 19, 2013

Cloud Foundry includes a component called the User Account and Authentication (UAA) service which was introduced about a year ago. It provides user account management and authentication for developers that push applications to, including single signon with,, and more on the way. It also provides delegated authorization capabilities to partner sites so … Continue reading “Open Standards in Cloud Foundry Identity Services”