Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse Can Now Launch External Command-line Applications Using Service Tunnels

by March 14, 2013

In the course of developing, testing and deploying cloud applications, developers sometimes need to directly access the application data. The Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse advances this capability and now features the ability to launch external command-line applications for Cloud Foundry services like MySQL and PostgreSQL. The plugin offers Spring and Java developers using Eclipse or STS a way to manipulate, or port the data contained in their Cloud Foundry applications more easily.
An earlier release of the Cloud Foundry plugin (1.1.0) introduced tunneling support for data services, and the command-line application feature in 1.4.0 now extends the support by automatically resolving tunnel values when launching a command-line application for a Cloud Foundry service.

Cloud Foundry is Open and Pivotal

by March 7, 2013

For those who have not heard, Cloud Foundry, the open platform-as-a-service project, is now part of the recently announced Pivotal Initiative, an independent entity funded by VMware and EMC. (For a preview of our Paul Maritz-led Pivotal Initiative, check out this Wired article).
Our independent status is quite meaningful and gives us the ability to engage with our large ecosystem in new ways. Adding full-time external committers has always been a goal of the team, and we are engaged with several organizations about putting dedicated resources on the extended engineering team –we believe this to be a very important step forward. The scale of these external investments is significant and a major milestone in our growth.