SAP HANA Service Broker Contributed to the Cloud Foundry Incubator

by December 11, 2013

The quintessential story for platform as a service is that the developer needn’t perform a bunch of administrative functions just to start working on their code. Have a look at the installation instructions for the developer-targeted Spring Trader reference implementation for a pre-PaaS deployment experience. In a PaaS, this lengthy guide is replaced with one command each to provision a database and a messaging service, and then another command that deploys each part of the application with bindings to these services.
Service brokers are what make this provisioning and binding happen with ease, and today we are delighted to report that Cloud Foundry partner, SAP, has open sourced a new Cloud Foundry service broker for their SAP HANA database.

SAP Makes HANA Service Broker for Cloud Foundry Open Source

by December 10, 2013

Recently SAP has released a first version of the SAP HANA broker for Cloud Foundry  platform
A very big thank you goes out to the colleagues from the SAP HANA Co-Innovation Lab Israel, Leonid Bobovich and Boris Mikhailovski, who were responsible for the development and delivery at a very short notice.
SAP HANA service broker for Cloud Foundry provides application developers with the option to consume SAP HANA as service in Cloud Foundry based environments. Application developers will be able to get instant access to SAP HANA as a service in Cloud Foundry based PaaS environments without any significant investments in deployment and administration of dedicated SAP HANA services.