Experimental Clojure Support in Cloud Foundry

by September 25, 2012

We have been working on making it easier to deploy Clojure apps to Cloud Foundry [1]. Clojure is a functional language that runs on the JVM that allows rapid prototyping of applications while offering great support for integration with Java libraries. Many interesting projects–for example, Twitter’s own realtime processing framework Storm–are written in Clojure.
To help to run Clojure apps in Cloud Foundry, we have written a library called claude that you can use to easily access the different services offered by Cloud Foundry, like MongoDB or RabbitMQ.
Now let’s see how you can start deploying your Clojure apps to Cloud Foundry.
Deploying Your Clojure Apps to Cloud Foundry
We assume that you are using leiningen for your Clojure projects.