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CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap @ The Napa Valley Film Festival

By November 10, 2015

At Pivotal, we’re passionate about enterprise technology and transformation. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Napa Valley Film Festival this year to sponsor the screening of CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap, an important documentary that illustrates the challenges that exist today for women and minorities in technology, and what the future ramifications of this gap … Continue reading “CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap @ The Napa Valley Film Festival”

Georgia Tech Hack for Good on Cloud Foundry

By November 14, 2013

This last weekend I had the tremendous pleasure of spending it with the incredibly bright, creative and inventive students of Georgia Tech. The occasion was a “hack for good,” an intense 24 hour code-cutting marathon where the participants were challenged to use their talents to conceive, design, build and demonstrate applications that would be used … Continue reading “Georgia Tech Hack for Good on Cloud Foundry”

Canaries are Great!

By October 17, 2013

First a little background, and then a story. As Matt described here, Cloud Foundry BOSH has a great capability to perform rolling updates automatically to an entire set of servers in a cluster, and there is a defensive aspect to this feature called a “canary” that is at the center of this tale. When a … Continue reading “Canaries are Great!”