The Future of Network Security in Cloud Foundry

by November 30, 2016

(This post assumes you’ve read the introductory blog post.)
While Cloud Foundry is the world’s premier developer platform, we have heard from customers how we can give them even better control and security, and help them integrate Cloud Foundry into their current and new environments. In this post, we’ll talk about some common pain points and how Cloud Foundry is evolving to give organizations better control and smoother adoption on their own terms. To summarize: the network is becoming application-aware and we’re embracing software-defined networking to help developers, DBAs, and security engineers manage and secure their CF networks in new, flexible ways.
Your DBA Feels Exposed (“I want to apply least-privilege access to my database.

A Vision for the Future of Container Networking on Cloud Foundry

by May 13, 2016

In this post, the team working on networking shares a collaborative vision for container networking on Cloud Foundry and wants feedback from developers, architects, operations and network leaders. We will cover the fundamental concept and discuss technical prerequisites, goals and requirements, overlay networks, external resource policies, and service discovery.
This article builds on the container networking scenarios original described in our open-source foundation proposal, and we are looking for feedback from the community. As we’ve worked with customers and began building the software foundations for container networking in the open source Cloud Foundry , we’ve broadened our view of the problem space.