New Release of Micro Cloud Foundry

by November 8, 2012

We are excited to announce a new version of Micro Cloud Foundry™ with a new set of features. Among those new features is a new process to streamline frequent updates so that we can maintain compatibility between Micro Cloud Foundry and any Cloud Foundry-based clouds, including
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Micro Cloud Foundry is a complete version of the Cloud Foundry open PaaS, but it runs in a single virtual machine on a developer’s computer. Micro Cloud Foundry exemplifies how a multi-cloud approach to PaaS can help developers easily develop and test their applications locally and deploy to any Cloud Foundry-based clouds with no code or configuration changes.
Download the new Micro Cloud Foundry here.

Cloud Foundry Java App Errors – Root Cause Analysis

by March 30, 2012

On the night of March 29, 2012, we upgraded our Tomcat from version 6 to version 7 as part of our normal production upgrade schedule.
Early in the morning of March 30th, we discovered that Java apps that were created or re-pushed were receiving an error.
At 9am PT that morning we identified the specific issue causing the error.  The script was modified in Tomcat 7 to start Tomcat using eval exec instead of exec.  We were setting the CATALINA_OPTS environment variable to include values for -Dhttp.nonProxyHosts that contained a pipe character, which was interpreted by eval as Unix pipe. This affected the application start command, leading to a failure to start the application.