Deploying vert.x Applications to Cloud Foundry

by August 6, 2012

NOTE: Modified to use 0.8.2 version of cloudfoundry-runtime dependency together with the version of vert.x (Jan 2, 2013) Developers can now use vert.x, a framework for highly scalable web applications, with Cloud Foundry has been a leader in providing an open Platform as a Service (PaaS), which allows for polyglot programming with a choice of multiple languages and frameworks. With recent releases of standalone application feature and Java 7 on, developers now have a perfect environment to create vert.x applications, which can be written in any language that can run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and deploy them to run on the JVM at

About vert.x

Using Cloud Foundry Services with Ruby: Part 2 – Run-time Support for Ruby Applications

by March 15, 2012

The services offered in Cloud Foundry are necessary for writing any serious application. Our aim is to make it easy to configure and consume these services. In addition to the auto-reconfiguration described in the Using Cloud Foundry Services with Ruby: Part 1 – Auto-reconfiguration blog post we also have support for manual service property lookup as well as library calls to obtain a pre-configured connection object.
Library call to obtain client object
For each supported service type there are corresponding library calls to obtain a pre-configured client object. This makes it easy to use in your code since you don’t have to lookup connection properties, instead you can rely on the library to do the work for you.