BOSH CPI Support for CloudStack

by March 13, 2014

Today’s guest post is from Iwasaki Yudai, research engineer at NTT Laboratory Software Innovation Center and Du Jun and Zhang Lei from the Cloud Team, Software Engineering Laboratory, Zhejiang University, China (ZJU-SST).
Cloud Foundry is the leading open source PaaS offering with a fast growing ecosystem and strong enterprise demand. One of its advantages which attracts many developers is its consistent model for deploying and running applications across multiple clouds such as AWS, VSphere and OpenStack. The approach provides cloud adopters with more choices and flexibilities.

Designing Portable Applications With Cloud Foundry

by December 13, 2012

In the cloud computing world, preserving a choice of clouds is critical. The risks of being locked into a single cloud are substantial. Cloud Foundry provides an abstraction layer for deploying and scaling applications and preserves the ability to move between clouds today and into the future.
In this guest blog, Mark Geene and Vineet Joshi, Co-Founders of Cloud Elements, a Cloud Foundry Core application developer, provide guidance on how to design cloud portable applications while not compromising performance or functionality.
Why Portability is Important
Test a Cloud Foundry
Core provider
We often find that the cloud provider clients select when they first develop their application does not meet latency, uptime or redundancy requirements as their application scales.