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2021 CFF Technical Oversight Committee Election Results

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to register and vote in the first Cloud Foundry Foundation annual election for our newly forming Technical Oversight Committee (TOC). I also extend my deep thanks to all of the nominees who agreed to run in the election. Overall, our community’s participation in this election process was outstanding (especially given that this was our first time doing this!)

And with that preamble, I’m please to announce our first CFF Technical Oversight Committee will be:

  • Eric Malm (VMware)
  • David Stevenson (VMware)
  • Jan von Loewenstein (SAP)
  • Stephan Merker (SAP)
  • Lee Porte (GOV.UK)

Congratulations to Eric, David, Jan, Stephan and Lee! I’m looking forward to working with you to get the TOC up and running.

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