A Few of Our Favorite Cloud Foundry Apps

By: | May 27, 2011

Since Cloud Foundry’s launch six weeks ago, there have been thousands of applications deployed on CloudFoundry.com .  We have seen many remarkable applications and are always looking for more to showcase the power and ease of deploying apps to Cloud Foundry.  We’ve listed some of our favorites below and encourage you to check them out.  In many cases, they are open source so you can play with the code behind them as well.

An Infinite scrolling Node.js Powered App | Source

A Sinatra/JQuery based console Demo for MongoDB | Source

A sample project for prototyping changes to Grails scaffolding | Source

Spring, Neo4J, HTML5, and JQuery based Application | Source

A well designed Node.js app for HackerNews links | Source

A public key fingerprint calculator for Chrome | Source

A Rails/Node.js Site for Developer News and a Cloud Foundry launch partner

If you are aware of an app we missed or think you have an application worth adding to this list, please reach out through the Cloud Foundry Community

And finally if you want to ramp up on Cloud Foundry and win badges, take a look at CloudSpokes .

-The Cloud Foundry Team