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Bi-Weekly Round-Up

Bi-weekly Round-Up: Technical + Ecosystem Updates from Cloud Foundry 12.15.20

Hi all! Here’s the last bi-weekly round-up of the year. I hope your holiday season is safe, festive and at least semi-normal, despite all limitations. 

From the Last Few Weeks:

Notable Releases:

  • Routing release v0.210.0 more here.
  • CF-deployment v15.3, with experimental support for bionic stemcell
  • KubeCF v2.7.1
    • Added support for a generic fog provider to allow usage of an external blobstore. #1531
    • Implemented ability to pull kubecf or other images from a private registry requiring authentication. #1421
    • Removed the cc-deployment-updater to fix upgrade issues. #1637
    • Removed sample_values.yaml since values are now placed elsewhere. #1626
  • CF-for-K8s v1.1.0

Dates To Remember (All times US Pacific):

  • “CF-Protect” Hands-on Lab – December 15 at 10 am
  • CAB call – December 16 at 8 am
  • CF Technical Governance meeting – December 18 at 8 am
  • CF for Kubernetes SIG meeting December 22 at 8:30 am

Check the community calendar for updates and meeting details!

Ecosystem and General News:

Community Updates:

  • Have a question for the staff at Cloud Foundry Foundation? Want to stay current with updates for the Foundation? Join the #cff-forum channel on the community Slack.
  • Looking for a job? Check out the jobs board and the #jobs channel in our community slack; folks are sharing the job openings in our community.  

(And if you are hiring, please do share the info in that channel.)

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