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Bi-Weekly Round-Up

Bi-weekly Round-Up: Technical + Ecosystem Updates from Cloud Foundry 2.17.21

Hi! Hope you’re all keeping warm out there.

We have a rather excellent hands-on lab regarding data protection coming up next Tuesday, February 23, from James Hunt of Stark & Wayne. This is highly recommended!

Also, we have a very interesting live stream on CI/CD pipelines in both GitHub and GitLab from Ram & Shedrack on February 26. 

From the Last Few Weeks:

Notable Releases:

Dates To Remember (All times US Pacific):

Check the community calendar for updates and meeting details!

Ecosystem and General News:

Other Notes:

  • Have a question for the staff at Cloud Foundry Foundation? Want to stay current with updates for the Foundation? Join the #cff-forum channel on the community Slack.
  • Looking for a job? Check out the jobs board and the #jobs channel in our community slack; folks are sharing the job openings in our community.  

(And if you are hiring, please do share the info in that channel.)

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Chris is the Technical Operations Manager at Cloud Foundry Foundation with a background in software engineering and project management.