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Bi-Weekly Round-Up

Bi-weekly Round-Up: Technical + Ecosystem Updates from Cloud Foundry 5.4.21

Hi folks! Reminder: Cloud Foundry Summit CFP closes May 21st.

From the Last Few Weeks:

Notable Releases:

  • cf-for-k8s
    • v3.1.0
      • Docs have been moved to the website.
      • Istio has been upgraded to an in-support version, with an additional upgrade to follow.
    • v4.0.0
      • The config block resource_validator_certificate for Eirini has been removed. It was introduced in v3.1.0 via the Eirini bump, so this is regarded as a breaking change.
      • This release supports mitigating the previously introduced interface change and preparation for an additional Istio update.
    • v4.1.0
      • Istio bump
      • Note: Istio does not support jump upgrades, so you MUST upgrade to v4.0 before upgrading to v4.1
  • BOSH v271.8.0
  • gosigar v1.2.0
  • diego-release v2.50.0
  • cf-networking-release v2.36.0
  • quarks-operator v7.2.3 and v7.2.4

Dates To Remember (All times US Pacific):

  • CF Technical Governance meeting – May 7 at 8 am
  • Bi-weekly Runtime PMC meeting – May 11 at 10:30 am
  • Office Hours: CAPI – May 12 at 9 am
  • CF Technical Governance meeting – May 14 at 8 am
  • Office Hours: Logging and Metrics – May 14 at 10:30 am
  • CF-for-K8s SIG meeting – May 18 at 8:30 am
  • May CAB call – May 19 at 8 am
  • CF Summit CFP closes – May 21 at 11:59 pm 
  • CF Summit – July 21-22

Check the community calendar for updates and meeting details!

Ecosystem and General News:

Other Notes:

  • Have a question for the staff at Cloud Foundry Foundation? Want to stay current with updates for the Foundation? Join the #cff-forum channel on the community Slack.
  • Looking for a job? Check out the jobs board and the #jobs channel in our community slack; folks are sharing the job openings in our community.  

(And if you are hiring, please do share the info in that channel.)

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Chris is the Technical Operations Manager at Cloud Foundry Foundation with a background in software engineering and project management.