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cf-for-k8s v2.0.0 – Enhance!

cf-for-k8s v2.0.0 – Community Edition


Configuration changes:
  • The internal_certificate property block in values has been removed.
  • Environment variables are not respected in Java buildpack 603
  • Unable to run CF tasks for kpack buildpack staged apps 591

What’s new?

With two cf-for-k8s releases (v1.0.0, v1.1.0) available, community engagement has surfaced avenues for improvement. The v2.0.0 release is focused on community-driven issues to enhance an already capable platform. The highlights section is the most pertinent information, but our release notes have a more thorough list of merged PRs (Pull Requests) and closed Issues.

There are two significant changes to source code pushed application lifecycles. First, a fix for a regression that caused environment variables to be ignored when pushing source code applications in 1.1.0 has been resolved. Second, an issue preventing Kpack lifecycle CF tasks has been resolved by an enhancement.

Why 2.0.0?

While the v2.0.0 release is focused around resolving some community derived issues, a change was made to the configuration interface. The internal_certificate property block is vestigial; Istio handles service mesh encryption via sidecars, so the internal certificate was removed. As a result, the release has a major version increment, to clearly communicate that a platform operator will need to make changes to their platform values.

Story Time

With the sunsetting of PWS, some users started looking for other Cloud Foundry services to deploy their applications. For some users, cf-for-k8s is filling that gap – the ease of setup, relative simplicity of configuration, and quick deploy speed are appealing.

One of our users has been particularly active in communicating issues they have faced with the platform. A significant one was an inability to apply environment variables to source code application workloads. After some communication with the user, the cf-for-k8s team was able to debug the issue and fast track a fix. The preview fix has been in use with the user platform, while rolling up into a generally available release.

This tight feedback loop with community members helps to prioritize our roadmap to best serve the people using cf-for-k8s in the wild, whether it is a single node development machine, a multi-node cluster hosted on a major cloud provider, or hosted in house.

 Looking Forward

With a focus on community-driven prioritization, cf-for-k8s is looking to tackle the highest value issues operators face. We’ll continue to enhance the platform and respond to the needs our adventurous users! File an Issue, open a Pull Request, or chat with the community on Slack!

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