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Clarity in the Clouds: The Platform for Developers

The last few years have seen tremendous excitement around Kubernetes, and for good reason. Enterprises took note of the collective weight of companies backing the technology and immediately set about to adopt it. However, in the excitement, there was also much confusion over the role Kubernetes fills in enterprise development organizations. In the last few months it has become clear: enterprise developers need a platform. They need `cf push`.

“Kubernetes is a platform for building platforms. It’s a better place to start; not the endgame.”

— Kelsey Hightower via Twitter, Nov 2017

Luckily, the Cloud Foundry development teams identified this need early on. They set about integrating Kubernetes into the Cloud Foundry stack and now these capabilities will be on full display at Cloud Foundry Summit.

I’m particularly looking forward to sessions related to Eirini and Fissile at Cloud Foundry Summit. Mark your calendars to attend Dr Julz’s demo on Eirini and the talk “Zero to Cloud Foundry in Kube-Cluster in 30 seconds from software engineers at IBM and VMware..  

While the underlying technology is changing, Cloud Foundry’s value proposition stays the same: It is the best platform on which to run many of your applications.

It is an exciting time for Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes; the convergence of capabilities is just beginning. The developer experience powered by Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes will continue to improve, freeing you to focus on what matters: your applications.

Join me at Cloud Foundry Summit in Philadelphia this April 2-4.


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