Cloud Foundry Foundation Bylaws and Related Documents Now Available

By: | October 24, 2014

Today, the Cloud Foundry Foundation membership is happy to unveil the Foundation Bylaws and associated documents. The hard work of more than a dozen experts, these documents define the operating model and governance of Cloud Foundry and its associated projects. Built as an extension of our guiding principles, these documents embody the goals that include:

  • Governance By Contribution – Influence over the technical governance is based on developer effort.
  • IP Hygiene – IP cleanliness must be preserved at all times.
  • Equal Opportunity To Participate – Everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in projects.
  • No Surprises – Planning processes and project status are open to all.

We are looking forward to feedback from community and to the transition to a formal Foundation operating model later this year. Members of the team that helped create these documents will be answering questions from the community in the upcoming Community Advisory Board call on October 29th, we hope to see you there.