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Cloud Foundry Foundation Open Sources Certified Developer Exam Preparation Course

Class can be used for self study or by an instructor to prepare for Certified Developer exam

San Francisco, CA October 31, 2019 — Today Cloud Foundry Foundation, home to open source projects helping build the future of cloud applications, announced it will be open sourcing educational material to help prepare developers and those who have taken Cloud Foundry Developer training for the Cloud Foundry Certified Developer Exam. 

This new preparation course material includes content that can be used to provide both instructor-led discussions and hands-on examples. This is in addition to the current lineup, which includes the comprehensive Cloud Foundry Developer training course. Topics covered align with the domains and competencies for the exam. To ensure this prep course does not mirror elements of the exam too closely, it will take a functional look at the Cloud Foundry competencies which may be covered on the exam.

“By making this material available widely, we give the most people possible the ability to prepare for the Cloud Foundry Certified Developer Exam,” said Chip Childers, CTO, Cloud Foundry Foundation. “Feedback on the material from training class attendees at our Summit in The Hague was quite positive, and we want to enable our ecosystem of training providers to better prepare candidates for certification.”

Cloud Foundry Certified Developer (CFCD) is a professional cloud native developer certification. It’s the best way for developers to demonstrate cloud skills and expertise, and helps developers set themselves apart in a competitive job market. The Linux Foundation’s most recent Open Source Jobs Report also found that hiring managers were placing more value on certifications, increasing the emphasis on regular updates and validations of the latest skills. The 2019 jobs report placed PaaS skills in the top ten Top-Paying Tech Skills and Experience.

Cloud Foundry recently announced a new version of its training and certification program in time for the Cloud Foundry EU Summit this past September. The new curriculum and certification requirements reflect the latest features of the Cloud Foundry platform, as the community continues to evolve the platform’s industry-best developer experience. The exam takes approximately three hours to complete. It includes performance-based questions and multiple choice to test individual developers on their practical and conceptual knowledge of Cloud Foundry and general cloud native architectural principles.

Topics covered in the exam include:

  • Cloud Foundry Basics
  • Cloud Native Architectural Principles
  • Troubleshooting Applications on Cloud Foundry
  • Cloud Native Application Security
  • Working with Services in Cloud Foundry
  • Application Management on Cloud Foundry
  • Container Management within Cloud Foundry

Learn more about the new Cloud Foundry Certified Developer Exam Preparation course here: Contributors can contribute to the open source materials on GitHub at

About Cloud Foundry Foundation

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is an independent non-profit open source organization formed to sustain the development, promotion, and adoption of Cloud Foundry as the industry standard for delivering the best developer experiences to companies of all sizes. The Foundation projects include Cloud Foundry Application Runtime, Cloud Foundry Container Runtime, BOSH, Open Service Broker API, Eirini, CF Containerization, Abacus, CF-Local, CredHub, ServiceFabrik, Stratos, and more. Cloud Foundry makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy, and scale applications, and is used by more than half the Fortune 500, representing nearly $15 trillion in combined revenue. Cloud Foundry is hosted by The Linux Foundation and is an Apache 2.0 licensed project available on Github: To learn more, visit:



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