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Cloud Foundry Launches First Free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Introduction to Cloud Foundry Free Online Course available starting today

SAN FRANCISCO, April 26, 2017Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard multi-cloud platform, today announced the availability of its first free Massive Open Online Course — a hands-on workshop to learn how to deploy and manage applications on Cloud Foundry — as part of the recently announced Cloud Foundry Certified Developer” training and certification program. The free, self-paced online course is a 6-week intro to Cloud Foundry and cloud-native software architecture. It is publicly available as of today.

Businesses around the world need more skilled developers: there are a quarter-million job openings for software developers in the US alone, half a million unfilled jobs that require tech skills, and the forecast grows to one million within the next decade.

“Cloud Foundry was recently named one of the highest paying tech skills in 2017, according to a survey released by Dice. This free class is an opportunity for developers and non-developers alike to see just how user-friendly Cloud Foundry is and how it helps solve the need for qualified developers that many businesses are facing. By making the course free, it is available to everyone,” said Chip Childers, CTO, Cloud Foundry Foundation. “In fact, more than 2,200 students have registered for the course since pre-registration opened last month, and that number is growing quickly — 1,200 students registered in the last 7 days alone.”

The MOOC is delivered in partnership with the Linux Foundation, responsible for training and certifying more developers on open source software than any organization in the world. The class was developed by instructors Tyler Bird and Kevin Rutten, both cloud engineers from Cloud Foundry Foundation member company Stark & Wayne.

To find out more, or to enroll now, go to

Certification is the best way to verify job candidates have practical experience with Cloud Foundry, across any distribution, including 2017 Certified Platforms: Huawei FusionStage, IBM Bluemix Cloud Foundry, VMware Cloud Foundry, SAP Cloud Platform and Swisscom Application Cloud.

Resilient Scale and EngineerBetter will also be offering Cloud Foundry for Developers, Instructor Lead Training Class at the Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley 2017, which will take place June 13-15 in Santa Clara, CA. For more information and to register, go here:

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