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Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 9: Just cf push!

Welcome to the Cloud Foundry Morning Edition! Episode 9 includes news about:

  • An OpenStack survey found Cloud Foundry was the most popular PaaS tool.
  • CA Technologies’s new release of CA Application Performance Management can now monitor Cloud Foundry.
  • joins the Cloud Foundry and its tools now support Cloud Foundry.
  • Cloud Foundry can be used to deploy Apache Spark. How have you used Cloud Foundry with stateful services?
  • Use Lattice and Diego to manage microservices.
  • China’s public cloud market to double by 2020.
  • Cloud Foundry Meetups: 42 in October!
  • From the doc sprint comes this definition of Cloud Foundry: Cloud Foundry is an open source platform for application lifecycle automation. Deploy, monitor, recover, scale, and update your apps. Develop with your favorite cloud-native application framework, then just cf push.
  • Kick off meeting for certification for application developers and operators is this Thursday. We are going to discuss what certification is, how we might set up the processes and how we’d do it. This way we’ll create a vibrant ecosystem of qualified people that organizations can easily engage with. If you are interested in participating in defining that, let us know!
  • Cloud Foundry contributors are hanging out on Slack. If you have an email address from one of the Cloud Foundry Foundation companies, you can sign yourself up. Otherwise, reach out to us.
  • Berlin Summit next week! Unconference on Sunday, training and SIGs on Monday, meetup organizers meetup on Monday. Join us!

Cloud Foundry Morning Edition is now available as a podcast in addition to being on YouTube. You can find it on:

Episode 9: Just cf push!, Cloud Foundry Morning Edition.