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Cloud Foundry Container Runtime Gets Kubernetes-Certified

In the three years since Kubernetes was open sourced and donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), its progress and the momentum of the project have been astounding to watch: Kubernetes has become the most-used self-managed container orchestration tool. Alongside Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes has one of the fastest-growing communities in the history of open source, and we’re excited about the growing number of possibilities for collaboration between the two project communities.

Last month, at our EU Summit in Basel, Switzerland, we launched Cloud Foundry Container Runtime, the Cloud Foundry community’s project that provides a world-class operational experience for Kubernetes.

We’re proud that our project team is part of the launch of CNCF’s Kubernetes Software Conformance Certification Program. Passing the conformance tests is a way for our community to demonstrate continuously that each release of CF Container Runtime gives users the same Kubernetes experience as the other conformant distros with the operational excellence added by BOSH: multi-cloud deployment, rolling upgrades with zero downtime, and keeping up to date with the latest upstream Kubernetes releases.

The Cloud Foundry community’s participation in the Kubernetes world is significant because it gives end users a path to using Kubernetes in tandem with the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime. More than half the Fortune 500 uses CF Application Runtime today, and we expect many of these organizations to use Cloud Foundry Container Runtime as the basis of their Kubernetes deployments.

Since the announcement of Cloud Foundry Container Runtime last month, our community has continued to push ahead with new capabilities and integrations. This has included support for persistent volumes for various IaaS providers, compatibility testing with the Istio service mesh project, cluster self-healing, an update of the version of Kubernetes to 1.8.1, and the integration of the BOSH DNS and CredHub projects into the deployed environment.

We have a healthy road map for continued integration between the CF Application Runtime and CF Container Runtime — and the entire Cloud Foundry community is excited to build on this shared momentum with the Kubernetes community.

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