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Cool Apps on Cloud Foundry – Revisited

It has been a while since our last look at interesting applications people have built on Cloud Foundry,so we thought we’d share a few more.  Developers are using Cloud Foundry to experiment with new technologies, play with new frameworks and languages, launch sites and more.  Below is a list of a few new applications and projects that are running on Cloud Foundry.  These apps have also been added to our Cool Apps on Cloud Foundry list.  If there is an app that you have written that you would like to add, just click on the Cool Apps on Cloud Foundry link and enter your app in the comments section.

Cool Apps :

Inflikr is a Flikr Explorer that has a cool UI (In beta for Chrome and Safari browsers only)

Vaadin is a Framework that does Server side rendering (Primarily Java Focused)

Word MindMap provides an interesting way to look at Synonyms through a MinMap style UI

An experimental node.js application for tracking Taxi Receipts (Source | Node.js & MongoDB based)