Deploying to vCloud Using Cloud Foundry BOSH

By: | December 18, 2012

A new Cloud Provider Interface (CPI) to support deploying Cloud Foundry applications on vCloud infrastructures is available today.

Cloud Foundry was designed and built to support distributed applications that can be moved between multiple clouds running different infrastructures such as vSphere, vCloud, OpenStack and Amazon Web Services.

The key to supporting multiple clouds is Cloud Foundry BOSH, a cloud deployment and lifecycle management tool that was announced earlier this year.

The vCloud CPI is available in the Cloud Foundry BOSH github repository.

The vCloud Director BOSH CPI project joins other Cloud Foundry BOSH community contributions.  The vCloud CPI, like BOSH itself,  is an open source project under the Apache 2 license.

In addition to support from a VMware core engineering team, developer community contributions are welcome.

For more information please refer to the deploying to vCloud Director using BOSH documentation.

Join in on the updates and conversations in the Cloud Foundry BOSH user group.

Anupam Dalal, VMware vCloud engineering team