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Starting July 1: Eirini Monthly Call on Cloud Foundry + Kubernetes

Updated November 2019

New monthly community call

Are you interested in Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes? Do you have thoughts about how we should continue the evolution of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, and what we should prioritize as we bring the best developer experience to the everywhere-est container schedule? The Project Eirini (Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes) team would love to hear from you.


Kubernetes is fast becoming the “dial tone” of distributed systems. It’s available on every cloud and has a huge ecosystem of providers, plugins and extensions. Cloud Foundry, on the other hand, is a community of people that care about developer experience. Of course, the Cloud Foundry community has its own container scheduler – Diego – which pre-dates the launch of Kubernetes. Diego is still a great choice for many people, but we’d love to let as many people take advantage of the Cloud Foundry Developer Experience as possible, and that means bringing it to Kubernetes.

And that’s what Project Eirini is about.

How far along is Project Eirini?

Pretty far! We’re passing the core Cloud Foundry acceptance tests and there are tech previews available on the IBM Cloud and as a packaged distributed from SUSE. The team has full-time engineers from VMware, IBM and SAP and part-time contribution from Google and others, and we expect more providers to provide the option of an Eirini-based Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes as time goes by.

And that’s where – we hope – you, the reader of this blog, come in!


We’d love to get the community’s input on our priorities and direction, and find out what’s most important to you as we iterate on Project Eirini. We’re always available on CF Slack and Github, but we thought a monthly Zoom meeting would give us valuable face to face input from the Cloud Foundry community. So we’re going to start holding them.

Updated November 2019: The Cloud Foundry Community started a broader SIG (Special Interest Group) call for “Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes.” Therefore, the Office Hours call is not happening any more. Instead, we will see you at this SIG call which happens bi-weekly. All details (time, zoom link, etc.) can be found in the Cloud Foundry Calendar.

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