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From the Desk of the Executive Director – October 2018

We’ve just wrapped up another resoundingly successful European Summit in Basel — the best one yet! For those of you who were able to join us, I hope you had a fantastic time meeting others in the community and listening to some of the fascinating talks and demos from our users and members. We always appreciate hearing your feedback so we can continue to put on the best possible events for you in the future.

Have you seen our first-ever Cloud Foundry cartoon? Enjoy it and read on for updates below.

Cloud Foundry Summit Basel: By the Numbers

For the second year in a row, Basel was the perfect location for our European event. Summit boasted  172 speakers, 144 talks and 961 attendees — a 10 percent increase over last year’s EU Summit — from 36 countries. We’ve also doubled the number of speakers who identify as women or gender non-binary since the North American Summit, from 12 percent to 25.

Save The Date: Philly + The Hague

It was my pleasure to announce next year’s Summit locations on-stage in Basel. The 2019 Cloud Foundry NA Summit will be held in Philadelphia April 2-4 and the EU Summit will take place in The Hague September 11-12. You can register for Philadelphia in December and for the Hague in April. If you are interested in sponsoring either event, please reach out to Kimberly Andrews or me with questions.

New Cloud Foundry Certified Systems Integrator Program

At Summit, we announced the Cloud Foundry Certified Systems Integrator program, designed to help Systems Integrators (SIs), consultancies and professional services organizations highlight their expertise working with the Cloud Foundry family of technologies. The Certified Systems Integrator Program recognizes the engagement of our committed community while enriching the experience of using The Foundry, the largest open source marketplace in existence.

Just Announced: Eirini + CF Containerization

Cloud Foundry announced two new projects, Eirini and CF Containerization, have been accepted by the PMCs in order to further integrate Kubernetes with Cloud Foundry technologies. These are the latest examples of the Cloud Foundry community’s approach to continuously exploring future evolutionary directions for the platform. You can read more about the intention behind these projects here.

Cloud Foundry Powers China’s Industrial Internet

As we continue to expand our global presence, we have been building relationships in China especially. We recently announced that Cloud Foundry technologies are powering INDICS, China’s first industrial internet platform. Cloud Foundry has been instrumental in the development of INDICS and will continue to be the engine driving China’s manufacturing industry towards complete digitization.

Huawei Cloud Becomes a Cloud Foundry Infrastructure Provider

Opening day of Summit, we also shared news that Huawei Cloud has become one of Cloud Foundry’s infrastructure providers. This is another major breakthrough for Huawei in the open source ecosystem, following its recent announcement that it became the only commercial Certified Provider of Cloud Foundry in Asia. This move demonstrates Huawei’s prioritization of  its open source contributions with Cloud Foundry

Welcome Our Newest Gold Member

I was thrilled to announce our newest Gold member on stage at Summit: HCL Technologies has joined the Foundation. It is fantastic to have a leading system integrator like HCL as a part of the Cloud Foundry community.

Foundation Staff Update

I’m thrilled to announce Kim McMahon has joined the Foundation as the Senior Director of Digital Marketing, supporting the Cloud Foundry ecosystem and collaborating with our members and their marketing teams to promote the adoption and awareness of Cloud Foundry technologies via digital strategy. Please welcome her in person at upcoming events or on Twitter.

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