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Growing CF Foundation – Swapping over the Atlantic

In the last few weeks, we saw a fast adaption and commitment from the Cloud Foundry Open Source Foundation members and just during the Cloud Foundry Platform conference two weeks ago; Swisscom joined the group as the 34th member of the Foundation (Checkout the panel discussion with Piston, VMware and Swisscom on stage).

Snapshot from the CF Platform Conference, 6.9.14, San Francisco

Swisscom is the biggest Service Provider of Switzerland, an early adopter of Cloud Technologies and was involved as one of the first few Service Providers in the Cloud Foundry Community in 2013. There has been growing support not only in the area of ISVs and industry software leaders, but also in providers adopting Cloud Foundry representing the growing level of maturity of the Open Source Software Cloud Foundry. With the evolution and growing amount of distributions (i.e. VMware with VMware CF, IBM with Bluemix, Activestate with Stackato, and HP with Helion) we see a great support and further development of the core components within Cloud Foundry. In addition, we see that more startups and ISVs working on solutions and next-gen applications based on the standardized Cloud Foundry APIs to scale up and down their apps, reduce complexity and gain access to a broad market of Partners, Cloud Providers and compatibility not only in public, but also in private environments.

Seeing these leading software companies, ISVs and startups, being competitors on one hand, but partners and a forced alliance on the other hand, sitting together and talking about the next generation de-facto Platform as a service standard, let us realize that the change is not coming in the future – it is taking place right now. Their mission is clear, the heart beat maker of the community and core-development; realizes an eco-system that allows evolving a defacto-standard Platform as a service to be able to fill the requirements of the market for public/hybrid/private approaches and to force an alliance against the leading public cloud providers; i.e. amazon and google’s of our world.

Travel concept

What we see now is adoption in the European market, a growing interest from the European universities (most of the time the breeding place of startups, especially in Switzerland) as well as providers and ISVs to adopt Cloud Foundry in its current maturity and go into the next phase as a service. As the security and legal concerns are getting more weight in the evaluation of software components in the last few years especially in Europe, we assume that this adoption will take place very fast. The heterogeneous public and popular cloud providers are getting more problems to show their integrity and security awareness in the market.  Many industries are able to take the extra mile to ensure that the data security is in place and their customers data is secure and owned, as well as operated by the provider that they trust. Cloud Foundry can do that, and as a community contributor, it even allows you to add that extra-mile capability or feature set on your own.

The author is employed by Swisscom, but this blog expresses the personal opinion solely.