How Can I Try Out Cloud Foundry?

By: | October 27, 2016

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So you’ve built a cloud native app, taking advantage of all the 12-factors, or at least most of them. Is there a cloud application platform that you could run it to test it out? Yes, there is: Cloud Foundry.

Here are some of our certified providers that can help you get up and running on Cloud Foundry immediately:

  • AppFog from CenturyLink. Take advantage of a free trial on AppFog, CenturyLink’s platform based on Cloud Foundry. You also gain access to the broad array of services and resources for those developers that are new to cloud-native.
  • Atos Cloud Foundry. Build, run and scale your next generation apps and microservices with a fully managed cloud application platform so you can spend more time on innovation and less on infrastructure, while significantly reducing the cost of your IT projects. You can also choose the commercially licensed and certified Atos Managed Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  • GE Predix. Built on Cloud Foundry, Predix from GE is optimized for secure connectivity and analytics at scale–in the Cloud and on the Edge. Sign up for a free trial to run your app on Predix and take advantage of Cloud Foundry for the industrial internet.
  • IBM BlueMix. Build, migrate or extend your first app on BlueMix from IBM. Sign up for a free trial access to IBM’s cloud platform based on Cloud Foundry, and access IBM’s broad range of Services, including Watson.
  • Pivotal Web Services. Sign up for a free trial to run your app on Pivotal’s public Pivotal Cloud Foundry. A fully managed version of Cloud Foundry that runs on a public cloud. You can get up and running immediately, with no credit card.
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Get started with a free trial of SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform Developer Edition to experience SAP’s comprehensive set of services and gain access to beta functionality. Additionally, the SAP HANA Cloud Platform starter edition for Cloud Foundry services in Beta allows you to develop, deploy and run services and applications.
  • Swisscom Developer Portal. Sign up for a free trial on Swisscom’s Application Cloud. A fully managed version of Cloud Foundry offered on a public cloud that stores all of your data in Switzerland, in Swisscom’s state-of-the-art data centers.


Try it out and see why companies like Allstate, BNY Mellon, Lockheed Martin, GE Software, Diabetizer, Rakuten and the U.S. Government’s 18F team are running their businesses on Cloud Foundry!

How to Try Cloud Foundry

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