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How cf-for-k8s Reinvents Cloud Foundry as a Native Kubernetes App Platform

Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes (cf-for-k8s) puts Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes, effectively reinventing the platform as a native Kubernetes app platform for deploying, running and managing other applications.

The cf-for-k8s Vision

The vision for cf-for-k8s is to raise the best components of Cloud Foundry and integrate them into Kubernetes. By doing this, you’re able to run Cloud Foundry components as open container initiative (OCI) compliant image containers in Kubernetes, rather than separating virtual machines as you would see in BOSH.

With an app development experience that’s familiar to current Cloud Foundry users, cf-for-K8s can deploy apps in less than one-fifth the time required in a similar BOSH deployment, Andrew Wittrock, member of technical staff at VMware, explained during a presentation at the virtual 2020 Cloud Foundry Summit North America.

Moving to Kubernetes has allowed Cloud Foundry to leverage more community-produced components.

Blending Cloud Foundry and Open Source Components

A middle layer including Cloud Foundry components and open source components has been integrated to provide a more seamless and intuitive experience. Cloud Foundry components include an API for interacting with platform, authentication, authorization, workload scheduling, routing mechanics, logging aggregation, platform metrics and app health.

The open source components include data persistence, packet storage, application packaging and secure networking — both ingress and container to container.

“We’re still actively developing this. We have some great basic functionality, but we’d like to provide a lot more and get to parity eventually,” Wittrock said.

Cloud native buildpacks, Cloud Foundry acceptance test compatibility, configuration maps, and upgradeability are all top concerns and near-term goals for the project. Eventual features will include Kubernetes-level upgrades to different nodes in the API server and upgrades to cf-for-k8s specific components.

Get Involved

The goal is to make cf-for-k8s the best tool possible for all users. “Whether you’re just wanting to kick the tires or set up a production-ready system, we want to hear from you. We want to make the great tools that you want to use,” Wittrock said.

Developers are encouraged to get involved by joining the CF Slack channel #cf-for-k8s and view the source code and bugs at GitHub.

Watch the complete Cloud Foundry NA Summit 2020 panel “Cloud Foundry for K8s – Same Great PaaS. Brand New Foundation” below:



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