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IBM Cloud Foundry Welcomes You to Cloud Foundry Summit

IBM is always excited to participate at Cloud Foundry Summit, and the 2020 European event is almost here! While it would have been nice to visit Dublin in person, we’ll do it virtually and raise a glass of Guinness to our fellow sponsors and all the awesome developers from around the world.

Attend Summit to learn why Cloud Foundry is the proven developer experience for Kubernetes.

The natural combination of Cloud Foundry’s well-proven simplified developer experience and the sophisticated operational control and deployment options of Kubernetes allows your organization to finally deliver business applications at the speed necessary in today’s competitive environment. Hundreds of thousands of our customers have known the quality and delivery of Cloud Foundry for years–and we’re excited to continue working with those developers on the ways in which they can marry Cloud Foundry with Kubernetes.

There are lots of great sessions on the schedule, including a bunch from IBMers and these two really great ones from our Cloud Foundry experts:

The first is Cloud Foundry – Opening the Kubernetes Serving Kitchen Again, a panel featuring IBM Cloud Foundry lead architect Simon Moser and friends from our esteemed fellow companies. Make sure to attend so you can participate in the discussion about the merging of Cloud Foundry onto Kubernetes infrastructure and the many tangible benefits. (Wednesday, October 21 @ 13:50 CEST)

Second, Richard Johnson, IBM Cloud STSM, Site Reliability Engineering Lead, will talk through Migrating from BOSH and VMs to Kubernetes using KubeCF and cf-operator. Richard will explore the challenges and details on how to seamlessly migrate from a BOSH and Virtual Machine-based platform to Kubernetes using the KubeCF and cf-operator projects, and will pay special attention to the struggles and successes of evolving the underlying infrastructure of the the world’s largest Cloud Foundry installations with zero user impact or awareness. (Wednesday, October 21, 2020 @ 14:15 CEST)

Though we won’t see you in person, we’ll be there virtually to have good conversations with you and advocate for Cloud Foundry and related technologies. Be sure to register for Cloud Foundry Summit on October 21 and 22, 2020!

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