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It’s Official! Eirini 1.0 is Here

The Eirini team is thrilled to share that we’ve hit our internal “1.0” milestone and shipped a release marked as 1.0!

This means we believe the core Eirini component is stable and ready to use. It should be noted there are some optional features — such as the new v3 API, tasks and container-to-container networking support — that are only available in the Diego backend, for now.

This work would not have been possible without contributions from across the Cloud Foundry community, but especially from IBM, VMware, SAP, SUSE and Google.

What is Eirini?

Eirini brings the simplicity of `cf push` to Kubernetes. Kubernetes has quickly become the de-facto standard container scheduler across the cloud community, and now — via Eirini — Cloud Foundry users can take advantage of this powerful technology to put their containers on servers. Even better (in my opinion anyway), Kubernetes users can now try out the Cloud Foundry developer experience in a native, easy and interoperable way — which means less YML, more code.

How can I try Eirini / Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes?

Eirini-based Cloud Foundry is already available commercially as a technology preview from IBM Cloud, SUSE and VMware. You can also deploy your own Eirini from the open source bits by following the instructions in the eirini-release repository. To be fair, these are still a little harder than we’d like them to be, but there is a lot of work going on in the wider “Eiriniverse” to make them better! (And please do let us know how you get on — see next paragraph!)

Talking to Us

We’re available in Cloud Foundry slack in the #eirini-dev and #cf-for-k8s channels, and there’s a cross-community meeting discussing Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes and the broader “Eiriniverse” every second Tuesday, which you can find in the CF Community Calendar

Everyone is very very welcome to join and help steer the direction of the projects.

This post was written by Julz Friedman on behalf of the entire Eirini team. 

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