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Join the Cloud Foundry CLI App-Dev Collective

Do you have experience with and opinions about the cf CLI?

If so, I’d like to offer you or your colleagues an opportunity to directly access and provide feedback to the engineers and product managers responsible for the cf CLI.

The CF CLI App-Dev Collective

The cf CLI team has been heads down on the v7 GA for a long time. Now that we’ve launched the v7 cf CLI, the team is going to refocus direction and priority based on the experience and perspective of our users.

To that end, we’re building an influential, collaborative, yet casual and open, user feedback group called The CF CLI App-Dev Collective. People who want to join the group can register their interest here.

Here’s what the cf CLI team hopes to get out of this:

  • Gather direct feedback from cf CLI users
  • Validate proposed solutions

What you could get out of this:

  • Influence the direction of the cf CLI
  • Learn from experienced cf CLI users and developers

CF CLI App-Dev Collective participants may:

  • communicate directly with cf CLI product and engineering staff
  • help identify pain points and discuss priorities
  • brainstorm solutions
  • discuss proofs of concept prior to implementation
  • gain early access to a sandbox environment running the edge version of CAPI where beta CLI features can be exercised

Register & Reach Out

Please know this group is casual and members can choose their level of engagement. If you’re interested, please register here.

Of course, if you’ve got questions, please reach out to Josh Collins (Product Manager for the cf CLI) via email, in the #cli channel on Cloud Foundry Slack, or by direct message (@jcollins).

Thanks from the cf CLI team.

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