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Let’s Get Technical at the Hands-on Labs at Cloud Foundry EU Summit

Cloud Foundry EU Summit is next week! We’ve got five technical labs running that should pique your interest, whether you are brand new to Cloud Foundry, a developer at any level, or an experienced platform operator.

Big thank-yous to both Google and Stark & Wayne are in order; Google has generously provided credits for Google Cloud Platform, and Stark & Wayne has built out the shared GCP infrastructure on which most of these labs will run. So thank you Google and Stark & Wayne!

Now, the labs (all times CEST): 

Tuesday, 10/20 – 15:00

Try Cloud Foundry

Are you new to Cloud Foundry and want to learn more about the world-class developer experience it provides? In this session, we will demonstrate Cloud Foundry basics using content freely available at We will follow up this demo with a question and answer session open to all participants. We will take you through deploying your first app to Cloud Foundry, scaling that application, binding services provisioned from the marketplace, and exploring what happens when one of your instances crash. We will do this all in about 30 minutes in a friendly, guided fashion. We will then answer questions for the next 15 minutes.

Wednesday, 10/21 – 12:20 

What’s New in KubeCF? Find Out! 

In this hands-on lab, you will be performing the following tasks: 

  • Installing  KubeCF using Helm with Eirini enabled 
  • Playing with the features of EiriniX such as SSH Persistence and Logging 
  • Expanding your KubeCF platform to use multiple Kubernetes clusters.

Wednesday, 10/21 – 15:20 

Under the Hood of CF-for-K8s  

In this lab, attendees will learn to deploy Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes (GKE), push several cf push apps, deep dive into the cf push workflow from start to end, and inspect various cluster resources created by cf-for-k8s. We will also peek into upcoming new features and how they all fit into the cf push experience.

Thursday 10/22 – 12:20

Deploying Stratos on Kubernetes and Exploring the New Kubernetes Functionality


In this session, you’ll learn how to deploy the latest version of Stratos into a Kubernetes cluster. We’ll show how to register and connect endpoints and explore the new Kubernetes and Helm functionality as well as the tried-and-trusted Cloud Foundry capabilities.

Thursday 10/22 – 15:20

Deploy Your First Cloud Foundry Application, from a GitHub Action! 

In this lab, James from Stark & Wayne’s R&D department will walk you through the automation workflow to get you up and deploying to a Cloud Foundry instance straight from your GitHub-hosted code repository. Every commit, deployed!

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Chris Clark, AUTHOR

Chris is the Technical Operations Manager at Cloud Foundry Foundation with a background in software engineering and project management.