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Live from Frankfurt, it’s Tuesday night!

…or Tuesday morning, if you’re reading this in North America.

The last two days have been a flurry of announcements, fascinating talks and countless opportunities to engage with other members of the Cloud Foundry community. Let’s take a look back at Summit so far:

Memberships & Certifications

  • now supports Diego for workloads on Cloud Foundry – bringing a multi-cloud, serverless experience to enterprises
  • anynines’ PaaS now supports multi-region – allowing users to run applications in different regions with or without Amazon Web Services
  • Just last week, we released training and education material, developed and donated by VMware®, under the Apache open source licensing model, giving anyone the ability to use the materials to become more proficient on Cloud Foundry.
  • SAP has opened the first Dojo in Germany in Walldorf
  • Stark and Wayne has opened a new European office and hired software and Cloud Foundry veteran, Ferran Rodenas

Keynote Takeaways

  • Our CEO Sam Ramji set Summit in motion with a meditation on “Zen and the Art of Platform,” highlighting the need to decrease the space between “self” and “other.” He values the unique identity that one forms when working on an open source project; rather than identify with your corporation or your country, you align yourself with projects, creating a vast, open community. That’s the open source way.
  • Fast Company’s Ciara Byrne sat down with VMware’s CEO Rob Mee and Allianz’s CIO Dr. Andreas Nolte to discuss the ways in which Allianz Germany is transforming its IT development — and its entire business — with VMware Cloud Foundry.
  • How did the UK Government go from digitally irrelevant to a center of digital excellence? National Technology Adviser Liam Maxwell gave a riveting talk on how going open fundamentally transformed this industry into something called GovTech — a sustainable model built on collaboration, cooperation and, of course, Cloud Foundry.

    Liam Maxwell

    Liam Maxwell, UK Government


  • Fidelity’s Associate Director Emma Hammond shared an eye-opening (and amusing) list of confessions about her role as a Cloud Foundry PaaS product owner. First rule? Your team has to be willing to be disrupted. Final takeaway? Cloud Foundry does precisely what it says it will do — “on the tin.”
  • Dr. Daniel Poelchau with Allianz takes a philosophical stance on agile, explaining that it’s closer to human systems because it can be illogical and implicit — unlike code, which is always logical and explicit.
  • Our own Chip Childers, VP of technology at the Cloud Foundry Foundation, provided an engrossing look into the current status of Cloud Foundry as a project — citing the work of thousands of contributors and more than 130 core committers that has given us (presently!) cf v242.
  • The day’s keynotes wrapped up with EngineerBetter’s CTO Daniel Jones who cited multiple studies on empathy and bias to give credence to why continuous delivery and Cloud Foundry are simply better for you — and how they save time and, ultimately, heartbeats.
Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones, EngineerBetter

Couldn’t Make It?

If you couldn’t make it to Summit this year, you missed out on some delicious desserts — but you can watch the live stream here! Follow along here to stay up to date on news and join the live conversation the whole week using the hashtag #CloudFoundry.


Some regional delights!

Stay tuned for a final recap tomorrow, as Cloud Foundry Summit in Frankfurt comes to a close!

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As Senior Marketing Manager of Cloud Foundry Foundation, Caitlyn runs content and manages diversity programming.