March 15: Cloud Foundry Meetup in Amsterdam

By: | March 1, 2018

Join your Cloud Foundry community at Trifork Amsterdam on Thursday, March 15, from 6-9 PM, for a Meetup featuring an excellent speaker line-up and refreshments!

Joshua McKenty, VP of Technology at Pivotal, will headline the event. Based in the US, Joshua is a cloud-native expert highly experienced on Cloud Foundry. He also led the development of NASA Nebula, the United States Federal Government’s first cloud computing platform.

Speaking of government, Rico Hensen co-leads the Cloud Foundry team at Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch utilities bureau. He will speak about the lessons learned from using Cloud Foundry to transform the bureau into a modern platform.

Joshua will join Adi Foulger and Cassie Zimmerman from Redis Labs to discuss using Cloud Foundry across multiple data centers and using Redis for active/active geo-replicated data storage.

For full event details and to register, please go to the Meetup page. Tot gauw!

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