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Meet the Photon Platform BOSH CPI

Today, we’re excited to continue addressing the needs of developers by announcing the release of the Photon Platform BOSH CPI. We’re building upon the recent release of v0.8 of Photon Controller: a distributed, multi-tenant and elastic platform purposefully-built for modern applications.

BOSH was designed to address the challenges in building both small and large distributed system. A BOSH CPI, or Cloud Provider Interface, is an API that is used to interact with an underlying IaaS to create and manage objects on an infrastructure, including images, VMs and disks. The Photon Platform CPI enables BOSH to consume a massively-scalable infrastructure — thousands of hosts and hundreds of thousands of objects — allowing developers to focus on building applications instead of underlying infrastructure scalability issues.

Just like other Cloud Provider Interfaces, the Photon Platform CPI is both open source, and available under Apache v2.0 license. Soon, it’ll be incubated in the Cloud Foundry Foundation (cloudfoundry-incubator) GitHub organization. As a Platinum member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, we look forward to continuing our contributions to its projects!

Read more details about the Photon Platform BOSH CPI here.