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Nearly Two-Thirds of IT Users Plan to Mainstream Containers in a Year, Global Survey Reveals

However, Cloud Foundry Foundation Container Report finds increased complexity in scaling deployments is a major hurdle without a platform

San Francisco, June 16, 2016Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard multi-cloud platform, today announced findings from the most comprehensive global survey ever conducted on the adoption of containers. More than half of companies surveyed said they were either evaluating or using containers while a full 64% anticipate mainstreaming their use within a year. Notably, 84% of users say that “managing containers without a cloud application platform would be a challenge.”

The Cloud Foundry Foundation Container Report summarizes the broadest and deepest survey to date on containers, providing new insights into how and why they are being used, and key challenges to their adoption. The key takeaways found within this report are:

  • Containers are a key enabler as organizations adopt continuous delivery as part of their digital transformation.
  • Increased container adoption raises new concerns about managing containers at scale.
  • Users prefer platforms over orchestration tools for container management.

Both container production users and evaluators discovered that containers increase the complexity of a technology deployment, with 82% of respondents saying that “containers can be a challenge to get to scale” and 80% saying that “except in simple use cases, containers are complicated.” The findings demonstrate that containers alone are not enough.

“This survey is a snapshot of the earliest days in the journey for most enterprises as they shift to multi-cloud IT,” said Sam Ramji, CEO of Cloud Foundry Foundation. “In the multi-cloud future, we believe Cloud Foundry gives enterprises the most consistent developer experience for continuous delivery, no matter what cloud delivers the application.”

The survey was conducted among 711 global IT decision-makers in seven geographies (US, Canada, UK, Germany, China, Japan, Korea) and in five languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, English).  The geographies were selected based on breadth and importance to the industry based on previous research. Respondents come from companies with minimum 100 employees (63% of them from companies over 1000 employees) and represent four broad IT roles (Developer, Ops, IT Manager and Line of Business). All respondents were further screened on basic IT knowledge to ensure a high quality of experience. The survey was conducted by ClearPath Strategies for Cloud Foundry Foundation.

Cloud Foundry has been developed through the collective effort of VMware, IBM, EMC, SAP, HPE and worldwide leaders in manufacturing, telecommunications and financial services. Cloud Foundry’s container-based architecture runs apps in any language on any cloud – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Platform (GCP), OpenStack, VMware vSphere, IBM SoftLayer and more. Cloud Foundry offers a robust services ecosystem and simple integration to existing technologies.

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