Nominations for Cloud Foundry Community Awards Open Until 6/12

By: | June 3, 2020

It’s been two years since we started the Cloud Foundry Community Awards at our NA Summit in Boston, and they’ve since become an integral part of the event. It’s the community that makes Cloud Foundry–the project couldn’t exist without you and your contributions, whether that comes in the form of code, documentation, your moral support for your peers, and the countless other ways you invest your time and heart into the Cloud Foundry community.

Please nominate the community for awards using this form by Friday, June 12th, 11:59 PM PT. Awards will be announced at the virtual Cloud Foundry NA Summit.

This year’s Awards categories are:

Committed Contributor: This individual (or team) is a dedicated Cloud Foundry contributor and role model in the community. This award recognizes the top technical code, project leadership, documentation or other project contributions that have a significant impact on the technological advancement of Cloud Foundry. The individual (or team) may have contributed to any number of CFF projects. The award does NOT require that the contributor have any formal CFF project role (lead or committer).

Awesome Advocate: This individual (or team) is a tireless advocate of the Cloud Foundry project. Their advocacy can be in the form of evangelism across Cloud Foundry and other open source communities, championing Cloud Foundry at industry/ technology/ local conferences, and inspiring current or new community members for increased engagement.

Inspirational User: This organization uses Cloud Foundry strategically in its digital strategy in a way that makes a positive impact on the industry or the community.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions via email or find me on CF Slack. See you at Summit!

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