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An Open Letter to Developers (Part II)

Dear Developers,

Last week, I wrote to you about the vital role you play in the industrial revolution of the twenty-first century, as architects of our digital future. You can reread that letter here.

A good number of you work for companies that most people wouldn’t consider technology-first. Maybe you’re a developer at a multinational bank or a giant retailer. Ten years ago, these organizations were just starting to realize the daunting task of going digital, and so much has changed since then — now everyone is moving their applications to the cloud, and the demand for your cloud-native expertise is only going to continue to grow. In fact, last year, we issued a report on the increasing gap between need and availability of developers trained in cloud skills, and found that 64 percent of IT pros agree there is now or will soon be a shortage of developers.

This is your moment. You have the power.

We also found that companies are doubling down on training their internal teams, rather than outsourcing or hiring — though as companies continue to grow their digital teams, they will be seeking more and more new talent.

It was with all of this in mind that we created the Cloud Foundry Foundation Developer Training and Certification Program. We see the program as a positive sum game that equally benefits you as developers and organizations as they undergo digital transformation. Cloud Foundry Foundation Developer Training and Certification is expressly designed to give you the skills to build and manage cloud-native applications using the industry-standard cloud application platform. When you become a Cloud Foundry Certified Developer, you demonstrate to current and future employers looking for qualified developers that you have passed a performance-based knowledge exam and you have the precise skills they need for their digital teams.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to work with Cloud Foundry and understand how cloud-native applications are designed and built, which is why we will be offering a free introductory course on the edX platform in addition to a self-paced eLearning course. Our member companies will also be offering the same training materials in-person.

After you are fully trained on the course of your choosing, you can take the Cloud Foundry Certified Developer certification exam. We offer the exam online — but I’d also love to personally invite you to the Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley on June 13-15, where you can take an on-site certification exam and receive $150 off your ticket. Cloud Foundry Summit is the premier event for enterprise developers, and this year we’ll be focusing on microservices and continuous delivery in your language and framework of choice. It’s a fantastic event and the best place to meet other developers and Cloud Foundry users, share what you’re working on, and learn from others in the community.

Open source is a positive sum game.

This is why we are always looking for new ways to empower each other. From my first day at the Cloud Foundry Foundation, I have believed in Cloud Foundry as the best way to enable innovation and streamline your processes through automation, scaling and management of cloud apps. Now, with the Cloud Foundry Certified Developer program, you can take your expertise to the next level and make yourself an even more desirable candidate for a multitude of development jobs.

We work in a rapidly changing industry. Technologies pop up and become the new industry norm, and it’s up to you to stay on top of these changes. In our discussions with developers around the world, we hear the same thing over and over — that you want to stay relevant and are always looking for ways to sharpen your skill set and advance your career. I firmly believe that our Training and Certification program will help you do this. It keeps the power in your hands and enables you to continue on — as the architects of our digital future and the makers of marvels.

Find out everything you want to know about Training and Certification in our FAQ.

— Abby

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Abby Kearns, AUTHOR

Abby is the Executive Director of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.