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Please join us for the first ever Cloud Foundry doc sprint!

Hack on MDN. January 2015. Berlin, Germany. Photo by Biraj Karmaker.

Hack on MDN Sprint. March 2015. Berlin, Germany. Photo by Biraj Karmaker.

Please join us for the first official Cloud Foundry doc sprint!

No writing experience is required. (Although if you are a technical writer, we would love to have your help!) We are looking for a balance of technical writers, developers and users.

What: Cloud Foundry doc sprint
Where: Cloud Foundry Foundation offices at 535 Mission Street
When: September 30, 2015, 9am-5pm (drinks and dinner afterwards)
Topic: Getting started with Cloud Foundry
Who: Technical writers, Cloud Foundry Developers and Cloud Foundry Users

What’s a doc sprint?

Writing documentation is hard. Some people have the technical knowledge but not the writing skills. Others have the writing skills and technical chops but not the specific knowledge about a particular feature. A doc sprint is when you bring a group of people together to write some documentation. Typically you target a particular feature or area. In the morning you get together, discuss where you are at and what you want to work on. During the day you have smaller group working sessions and some solitary hacking and writing sessions. At the end of the doc sprint, you all get together to show off what you’ve done.

Why the topic “Getting Started?”

Most people that use Cloud Foundry start by trying it out themselves. They download the open source version, install it and play with it. Whether they plan to host it themselves or they plan to go with a provider, almost all of them download and install it first. So we need that process, their first interaction with Cloud Foundry, to be awesome, so that they stick around long enough to see how much it can help them.

If you like writing docs or know how to install Cloud Foundry or are willing to be a guinea pig, come help us out! September 30th, San Francisco. Travel assistance possible for those that need it. Please RSVP (or feel free to ask questions!)