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Seeking Nominations for Community Awards: EU Summit Edition

Nominate Your Community

I love that we are constantly adding new activities at Cloud Foundry Summit, but one thing we should never change is our Community Awards ceremony. Our community gives so much of their time and expertise, and this is such an important way to acknowledge and celebrate their contributions.

The time has come again for you all in our Cloud Foundry community to nominate individuals or teams for awards of recognition and appreciation for all that they do. 

The following are the awards categories for EU Summit in den Haag this September:

  • Committed Contributor: This individual (or a team) is a dedicated Cloud Foundry contributor and role model in the community.
  • Effective Influencer: This individual evangelizes Cloud Foundry through writing and speaking opportunities on social media and/or other technical and/or non-technical outlets.
  • Ecosystem Driver: This organization makes major contributions back to the open source project and drives open source adoption.
  • Coolest User Story: This organization uses Cloud Foundry strategically in its digital strategy in a way that makes a positive impact on the industry or the community.

Please submit your nominations before 11:59PM US Pacific on August 31, 2019.

Questions? Reach me via email ( or on Cloud Foundry slack (@swarna) or on twitter (@skpodila).

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Swarna Podila, AUTHOR

Swarna is the Senior Director of Community at the Cloud Foundry Foundation, where she focuses on enriching the Cloud Foundry community.